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Message of President R.K. Jhunjhunwala

Sh. R.K. Jhunjhunwala

India is a social welfare republic and it is the republic's constitutional responsibility to take care of the marginalized masses. But the present trend infected with liberalized global market economy had opened flood gates of ultra modern techniques to earn profit by art of selling even bogus good in the open market and India has miserably failed to check the rot.
The red carpet welcome to foreign investors especially, in higher education is an indicator to deny higher education particularly, the legal education to those Classes who have been serving the most needy litigants in the Indian courts. The horrible and steep fee structures in most of law schools imparting legal education after 10+2 is invariably a denial of admission to the average middle class but brilliant students. The publicity stunt of these law schools simply indicate that legal education is a milchcow, where no profit no loss Philanthropy is farcical. This trend is chornic to our Society and nation in the ultimate analysis.
Therefore, the regulatory bodies should come forward to safeguard the interests of poor middle class students by timely action lest the law education is swept over by business magnets and the old adage ignorance of law is no excuse become a fantasy.