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About Sports:

Sports and Cultural Programmers'

To encourage student’s capacity college organise seminars & debate competitions time to time. These activities/programmes includes current Social/Legal Problems & events. Students invite to comments on these Topics. Sports, Cultural programmes, education tours and other extra curricular activities are orgnised for physical and mental health of the students.

List of Sports Material
  • Basket Ball

  • Basket Ball Net                        

  • Cricket Bat                              

  • Cricket Ball                             

  • Cricket Batting Leg Guard       

  • Cricket Batting Gloves 

  • Wicket Keeper Leg Guard       

  • Wicket Keeper Hand Gloves   

  • Cricket Helmet            

  • Wicket                                    

  • Cricket Score Book               

  • Discus                                     

  • Foot Ball                                 

  • Javelin                                     

  • Knee Cap & Elbow